Two more months to reach our two years of relationship. Time flies. We still haven’t married yet. But I’m still beyond blessed for having you around. For having you in whatever conditions. Things surely weren’t same as the first day we confessed ‘let’s sail this ship together and forever’ but the love keeps blooming as we’re sailing this. 

Time may change people. Got a news that there’s one couple ended their relationship, makes me scared, really scared. 

I don’t want to lose you. 

Don’t know what the future holds for us. But deep inside I hope i can be your forever. 


I cry everytime you tell about your past. How i wish i met your earlier and we could share together. I could see how hard you’d been through by seeing your eyes. 

How lucky i am to meet this amazing man. 

I really hope that i can be your wife at the right time. 

Ya Rabb, ease us…😭

This calms me down. In a true relationship, when we choose to love each other, there’s no “me” anymore. It’s us. It’s all about “us”. 

Through all best times, also all times that are knocking us down. 

When we still defending ourselves each time , it’s still, we’re selfish. And not ready enough to embrace the future. That’s it 😊

Please note that, i have feelings too. 

And i have the rights to express my feelings too.