End of chapter. 366/366 

Just now we went to cake shop, reminisced all the memories for this year. 

Indeed, this year was the toughest one. We went through ups and downs, life was like roller coaster. 

Loved, being loved, being hated by people around, lose confidence and gained strength back, tears, fears, struggles and everything. 

We finished our fund raising jobs in February. And other struggles continued. 

Enjoying tours in dubai after months of struggling, was proposed by you there, at the village inside dubai mall, to be exact 😍 

I was the reason of all your tears. Still remember the days  i made you really upset. Also still remember the day you hugged me for the first time. 

 I made a special small birthday party on your birthday, just for both of us. The only thing I wanted you to know on that day, is that how deep my love for you. But ended up still i was the luckiest one because you made me felt moreee special during my birthday. And still I’m the luckiest up until now, and forever ❤ 

I saw two times how you fall to your very lowest points. You lose all your confidence. But as usual you’re so incredibly amazing, you stood up again, and the result was beyond your imagination, but that’s you! That is the real you. I’m the proudest  one of seeing your success ❤ 

We went through the hard times in studying, the hard times when all people around talked behind our back, when we only have each other, when we improved together, when everything just between you and me. 

I’m very grateful for this year. Because i have you. 

So, i can describe this 2016 in just one word : YOU 💕 
Farewell 2016, thank you so much 😭❤ 


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