Today during rotation we got a chance to do genitalia examination. With our own hand. You can imagine yourself the feelings. All came to do the exam with obviously shaking hands haha. (Overrated imagination if you are not medical students lol) the patient has epidydimo-orchitis. 

My man looked quite moody today. I dont know why ☹️ but still he cooked for me with a small note that he loves me 😍 

I came here to write whats in my mind. Im just thinking how lucky i am, how i be the luckiest person ever (here and hereafter insyaAllah) that i have him, the one that can be my chef, my consultant, my teacher, my engineer, my doctor of course, and my everything, my every single thing. 😍 thinking of this while eating his cook. 

So delicious. You should try. Oh no, its only for me 😝 

I love you too, RQA 💞


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