On the Christmas 

So today marked the second day of my sambal belacan business. 1 order received and 4 orders before. Seminggu around 5jd (rm30) for part time not bad lah kan. I wanna marry my santa quelause  😘🎅🏻 

Today my santa quelause came to my house just to pasang a book shelf that we bought at ikea two days ago. And a penggantung baju rama2 yg dah lama beli. And yeahhhh my room looks more organized (lepas dh kemas lol) 😍 

Sooooo many thanks for my beloved honey baby genie doctor santa quelause and everything ❤ 

And he of course accompanied me to sakan kuning delivering sambal belacan. 

Thanks again ❤ the one with banyak tenaga hihi . May Allah bless you for all your kindnesses, grant you success here and hereafter, and ease every step you take ❤

The love grows stronger, it keeps growing and flowering everyday, making me fall in love with you again and again, everyday! 😍❤


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