End of chapter. 366/366 

Just now we went to cake shop, reminisced all the memories for this year. 

Indeed, this year was the toughest one. We went through ups and downs, life was like roller coaster. 

Loved, being loved, being hated by people around, lose confidence and gained strength back, tears, fears, struggles and everything. 

We finished our fund raising jobs in February. And other struggles continued. 

Enjoying tours in dubai after months of struggling, was proposed by you there, at the village inside dubai mall, to be exact 😍 

I was the reason of all your tears. Still remember the days  i made you really upset. Also still remember the day you hugged me for the first time. 

 I made a special small birthday party on your birthday, just for both of us. The only thing I wanted you to know on that day, is that how deep my love for you. But ended up still i was the luckiest one because you made me felt moreee special during my birthday. And still I’m the luckiest up until now, and forever ❤ 

I saw two times how you fall to your very lowest points. You lose all your confidence. But as usual you’re so incredibly amazing, you stood up again, and the result was beyond your imagination, but that’s you! That is the real you. I’m the proudest  one of seeing your success ❤ 

We went through the hard times in studying, the hard times when all people around talked behind our back, when we only have each other, when we improved together, when everything just between you and me. 

I’m very grateful for this year. Because i have you. 

So, i can describe this 2016 in just one word : YOU 💕 
Farewell 2016, thank you so much 😭❤ 




Move on.

Still have to study this night 



Today during rotation we got a chance to do genitalia examination. With our own hand. You can imagine yourself the feelings. All came to do the exam with obviously shaking hands haha. (Overrated imagination if you are not medical students lol) the patient has epidydimo-orchitis. 

My man looked quite moody today. I dont know why ☹️ but still he cooked for me with a small note that he loves me 😍 

I came here to write whats in my mind. Im just thinking how lucky i am, how i be the luckiest person ever (here and hereafter insyaAllah) that i have him, the one that can be my chef, my consultant, my teacher, my engineer, my doctor of course, and my everything, my every single thing. 😍 thinking of this while eating his cook. 

So delicious. You should try. Oh no, its only for me 😝 

I love you too, RQA 💞


Today marked the first day of surgery rotation. And yeah! I got the chance to see DRE with my naked eyes 🙂 hopefully We’ll get the chance to do by our own during this medical school aminnnn. 

Of all the stressful events which I don’t want to remember at all, i made nasi lemak for my beloved housemates and of course, for my beloved everything 💕 we got time to talk outside my house, and aaaa i miss him so much. ☃️ 

Alhamdulillah for today. The braviest one is the one who apologize, the strongest one is the one who always forgive, and the happiest one is the one who always forget

This love keeps growing, it gets stronger day by day, and i keep falling in love with you, everyday 💕

On the Christmas 

So today marked the second day of my sambal belacan business. 1 order received and 4 orders before. Seminggu around 5jd (rm30) for part time not bad lah kan. I wanna marry my santa quelause  ðŸ˜˜ðŸŽ…🏻 

Today my santa quelause came to my house just to pasang a book shelf that we bought at ikea two days ago. And a penggantung baju rama2 yg dah lama beli. And yeahhhh my room looks more organized (lepas dh kemas lol) 😍 

Sooooo many thanks for my beloved honey baby genie doctor santa quelause and everything ❤ 

And he of course accompanied me to sakan kuning delivering sambal belacan. 

Thanks again ❤ the one with banyak tenaga hihi . May Allah bless you for all your kindnesses, grant you success here and hereafter, and ease every step you take ❤

The love grows stronger, it keeps growing and flowering everyday, making me fall in love with you again and again, everyday! 😍❤

Thank you 

“Semua ni saya buat utk awak tau..bukan utk orang lain” 

Yeaa, i know. Thank you so much. I do love thissss and really appreciate it. 

Thank you because i just told you once that I really wanted to go to amman. But as always, you made this real! You did it 😍❤ 

Thank you for all the hardships, you went to rent a car, drove and everything! Thank you for making im the luckiest person ever. 

From irbid-sweileh-boulevard-ikea-mecca mall.. Thank you so much for today! 

The love grows stronger, it keeps growing, making me fall in love in you again and again, everyday 😍 

It’s you. 

“Saya ada banyak tenaga tau,.”

“Ye,saya tahu..”

“Mcm mana awak tahu saya banyak tenaga?” 

“Mestilah saya tahu..saya nampak.” 

“Ohh boleh nampak ke?” 

“Kenapa? Apa cara nak tahu org tu banyak tenaga?” 

“Entah..saya pun tak tahu 😂 ” 

“Saya sll fikir, mesti org pelik bila tgk saya dgn awak..” 

“Ye saya tahu saya tak hensem..”

“Bukan, saya sll fikir saya tak sesuai ngan awak..tgklah saya sll selekeh..saya sll fikir awak mesti suka orang yg style, flip2 shawl.”

“Mana awak tahu?” 

“Mestilah saya tahu..saya stalk awak dri dulu lg..boleh nampak la taste awak mcm mana..haha” 

“Hmm..nak buat mcm mana..jatuh cinta ni mcm jatuh lubang, tiba-tiba je kita jatuh, dan pada lubang tu la kita jumpa cinta kita..dan sekarang tak bangun bangun, hari-hari asyik jatuh je..” 

“Everything falls in place kan..” 😉 

“Okay thank you teman harini. Sorry teman jauh2.” 

“Bukan setakat teman jauh, teman hidup, teman mati pun saya ada untuk awak..” 

5min conversation from syimali to zamzam. Everything comes from the deep of the heart. 
Love grows day by day, it keeps growing. And truly, i fall in love with you for many times, everyday 😍😇 i love you, RQA 💕