hometown off season

good evening everyone who is reading this post! well, i’m malaysian who are studying abroad in medical course. This June is my semester break which i decided to spend my off season in my mother language country. for this holiday, my parents take this chance to bring me back to their hometown. i learnt so many things in traditional ways. there was one moment while i was helping my aunt setting up fire, suddenly my father shouted excitedly in the garden ; “look this! these are insects which i used to play when i was young!” i asked my father what is the name of that exotic insect but unfortunately my father has forgotten the name. so i decided to take a picture of those insects and posted to facebook! haha. in just a few minutes, i knew the name by my aunt and uncle. as i intended since before the holidays started, i wished i could find something precious and memorable so that i could satisfied with my holidays. soooooo, here’s one of them! aha, do you want to know the name? in malay (traditional times) we called them ‘bibit allen’. i’m so sorry because i don’t know the english term 😛


p/s : Actually i dont know how to pingback, so just let me try 🙂

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